Learning about different printer paper types

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Learning about different printer paper types

If you do a lot of printing either of text or photos for work or color prints it is important to become knowledgeable about the different printer paper types that are available for you to use. Paper varies by weight and by type of surface.  If you are making everyday printer copies regular copy paper will suffice but if you have a special project such as a newsletter, brochure, flyer, poster, self mailer, or other promotional or marketing campaign material you will want to use a better quality of paper.

For instance there are a variety of printer paper types of glossy paper that will work beautifully to create just the right look for a quality project. An 80 lb gloss is paper stock that is similar to the weight of a cover for a magazine. The coating has a high quality gloss that works well for projects where you need sharp images and good resolution. When you need to produce a high quality brochure, direct mail booklet, manual, magazine, pamphlet, newsletter, menu, self mailer or a catalog insert think of using this paper stock from your choices of printer paper types.

Another choice which also has a nice gloss but is slightly heavier in weight is the 100 lb. gloss text paper stock. This is a popular choice of printer paper types used by printers for book text. The paper remains lightweight which makes it easy to fold, but a little more substantial and sturdy than the 80 lb weight gloss paper. Many advertisers consider the 100 lb gloss text to be the gold standard for advertising and marketing material. Also of note is that if you are printing in bright colors, the colors should stand out well on this type of paper stock. This paper stock because it is so popular is quite affordable.

When you want a paper with a matte or non glossy finish you might want to use the 80 lb. matte text paper stock. This paper can also be referred to as 80 lb. dull text paper stock which is opaque in nature. The opaque paper definition is when there is a coating that makes it so less light passes through it than a more transparent paper stock. This type of paper takes text well and is particularly suited for digital printers. If you are printing on both sides of the paper for a brochure or newsletter this paper stock would make a good choice. It is popular for use as letterhead, sales sheets, envelopes or brochures. It is also easy to fold. Similar to the 80 lb. matte text is the 100 lb. matte text which is just slightly heavier and thicker making it a good choice for self mailers.

Cover stock or card stock is a type of paper known for its durability and is good to use when creating business cards, catalog covers, post cards, and heavy weight brochures. Card or cover stock is available with a dull or matte finish or with a glossy finish. Cover stock such as the 100 lb. uncoated cover is popular for use as envelopes or letterhead.

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