What is Mug Printing?

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What is Mug Printing?


            What is Mug printing? We know it’s an art. But there is a little more to it than that, and the uses of Mug Printing extend beyond just printing art on a Mug. In this article, some detailed printing of some of the different parts to the art is provided with a compare and contrast and brief description of how the art varies.

Company Mug Printing
Company Mug Printing is the all production of mugs; Coffee, Ceramic, produced by employees and machines from any business. They are then distributed to stores for the purchase of customers. The print quality on Company Mugs are usually of a higher quality than that done by beginner and intermediate Custom Mug Prints. This due to the usual business standards and the quick rate of skill development from the employee’s due to the extended and repetitive action of printing mug design after mug design. Company Mug Printing has a high rate of purchase and therefore outdoes Custom designs due to the ease of purchase. If everyone wanted to just custom create their own mugs, we would be doing so. Business understands this, so they exploit it. Also visit us for windows cling products.

Custom Mug Printing
Used primarily by the creative individual and as a hobby or kid’s activity, Custom Mug Printing is an art of using methods a Sharpie and over, to produce their own Custom Mug Printing designs. Of the great many printing activities out there ranging from clothes to books, Mug Printing has what is probably the easiest and cheapest method of printing from which to choose from. By printing any design on a mug such as a Coffee Mug, and then heating it in an oven you have completed the project in what could be less than even thirty minutes.
As you learn the process and become quicker with the Sharpie, you can become as fast as an experienced machine or employee in a business. This grants you the skill and outlet to run a small business producing Custom Mug Printing to friends, family, and coworkers. Surpassing the use of Mug Printing as a hobby, is the using it as an educational kid’s activity.
The reasons that Custom Mug Printing for monetary profit isn’t as popular and well used are because people would rather do other things with their time, or they know too little about Custom Mug Printing steps and processes. Which is the point of this article and others, to enhance that knowledge.

Variety in Mugs
            There is a variety in the Mugs which can be used; Coffee Mugs, Beer Mugs, Travel Mugs & Ceramic Mugs are good examples of the variety between the Mugs.
Print Varieties
Print designs are far too varied and unique to list them all here. But as an idea of what some of the prints consist of are; Animal Print & Leopard Prints.

            Now you know what Mug Printing actually is. It’s an art, a business, a good kid’s activity, pass time, etc. The process of using one tool or another to print a design onto a Mug and either keep or sell it. Adding artistic touches to any kind of Mug. Mug Printing is simply, printing on a Mug.

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