Give Out Custom Flyers Free

A flyer is good only as long as it attracts the attention of the prospect. If you are preparing for an event, it is best to distribute custom flyers free as then the prints will be made according to your specifications. You are also able to mention all that you want and eliminate what you do not want. Event flyers are really required to stand out since they are competing with a host of other flyers. The first thing to do for the purpose is to visit a place where event flyers are likely to get posted. Check the flyers and look for the ones that need to stand out.


Offset Booklet Printing
Offset Booklet Printing
  • Look closely to find out the aspects that made the flyers outstanding. Remember these aspects before ordering your flyer prints. Use the largest format of paper which your printer can deal with or the biggest enlargement you can afford from a print shop. Size is definitely going to play a major role as you try sifting through a flurry of other flyers.


  • Use paper that is brightly colored. It is best to go for neon paper as it will attract a lot of attention. However, it can overpower your pictures and text. Consider using a bright color, but which is soft at the same time to create a contrast with dark ink such as sky blue. If you want to stick with a neon color, use a darker color for the images and text.


  • Select a picture that is striking to look at. The picture that you choose should be one that is associated with your audience. However, no matter what; you need to make sure that the picture has a high contrast and saturation so that it is noticeable and stands apart.


  • Use simple and thick fonts. While funky fonts might look good on your computer and work effectively on a handbill or pamphlet, it is tough to read them from a distance or photocopy well. For preparing your custom flyers free, it is best to opt for simple and bold fonts that can be read easily and do not distort even after being copied about 150 times.


  • Avoid any sort of clutter. It is tempting to stack every square inch of the flyer with words and graphics with as much information as possible, but at times having whitespace around the images and headlines can make them stand out better.


  • Make sure that the flyer is seen from a distance. Test the flyer by hanging it up and take a few steps back to see how it looks. You should be able to read the headline from this distance.


  • Make sure that the flyers are posted early – at least a week before the event is about to take place. This will make sure that the flyer is posted before others and publicize your event early. Check back later and repost it if required.


  • Plan any big event a couple of months before handing out the flyers to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.


Distribute Flyers and Extend Your Reach


Custom flyers free are small, full colored paper that can hold a variety of information, contact information and product list. Small businesses that deliver their products or services can make the maximum benefits from flyers. Have the flyers passed around in different locations, mail them out or insert them in shopping bags upon purchase. In short, the things with which you can extend the use of flyers are many. Full color flyer printing is something that makes printing attractive, while the size makes it easy for it to fit in almost everywhere, such as in a handbag, between the pages of a book or newspaper or a wallet.


Things to Remember while Creating Custom Flyers


Designing the flyers is important in making your prints effective for conveying your message. Here are a few things to remember:


  • Go with the natural flow of your eyes: We naturally read from left to right, beginning with the top of the page and going down to the bottom. The most important information of the flyer should be at the top left hand side of the page moving downwards.


  • Create a contemporary layout: For creating a contemporary layout, you can follow the pattern that is commonly found in the comic books. Lay it out in the pattern of a Z or a 2.


  • Format: The format should be simple and easy to understand and read. Most readers will avoid texts that are tedious and heavy to read. Break up the long sentences and tough areas with bullet points or numbering. This allows the viewer to scan through the custom flyers free and find the information that is the most useful.


  • Not too many illustrations: Avoid illustrations and texts that overlap because it reduces readability. Text that is dark in color should be placed over light colored print (ideally white paper with black text). it helps your eyes isolate the lines and forms of the text from the illustrations behind. Overlapping text also looks heavy and tiresome to go through.


  • Attractive illustrations and graphics: Include graphics and illustrations in a part of your flyers. You may even allocate the front part of the sheet for the purpose. Leave the back page for the text. Images and colors attract your eyes and encourage customers to make a sale.


  • Introduce an interesting offer: Make an interesting offer on your headline. The customer is always looking for ways for enhancing their life and often takes a chance that shows them how it can be done. If you begin with an interesting offer, your customers are likely to get attracted more.


  • Direct customers to your website: Make sure that the custom flyers direct your customers to a website, telephone or to your store. The aim of marketing is to make a sale. If your contact information is not included, the chances of making sales are reduced.