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How To Print A Brochure: Essential Aspects of a Good Catalog Layout

In order to increase the sales of the business to promote the product in general public, this is the most effective way through catalogs. The catalogs can hit the mind of the customers and will compel these to buy that product. So a catalog is an important ingredient in the sale promotion of the products.

Various Types of Catalog Layouts

In the catalogs, the basic step is to decide the layout of the catalog. There are five types of catalog layout that are used by the catalog designers. These are row, grid, column, magazine and the open layouts. read more

How to Attract Customers to Your Banner Stand?

Banners are used to celebrate any special event are also used to cheer a team to victory for a religious celebration. You can also create a school-related banner for announcing the upcoming carnival. If it’s a fabric banner or a hanging vinyl banner, you need to follow these banner design tips in order to create a banner which is perfect for special occasion.


The graphics can easily grab the attention of any reader if these used in the perfect way. You need to base on the intended message of the banner; the graphic must accompany what’s conveyed. If you are celebrating a birthday party which you want to use an image of the balloon or cake or if you are celebrating your baby’s birthday, a stroller or the teddy bear can be acceptable. Choosing the right graphic is very important and must not be the primary element over the message. read more