How to Attract Customers to Your Banner Stand?



Banners are used to celebrate any special event are also used to cheer a team to victory for a religious celebration. You can also create a school-related banner for announcing the upcoming carnival. If it’s a fabric banner or a hanging vinyl banner, you need to follow these banner design tips in order to create a banner which is perfect for special occasion.



The graphics can easily grab the attention of any reader if these used in the perfect way. You need to base on the intended message of the banner; the graphic must accompany what’s conveyed. If you are celebrating a birthday party which you want to use an image of the balloon or cake or if you are celebrating your baby’s birthday, a stroller or the teddy bear can be acceptable. Choosing the right graphic is very important and must not be the primary element over the message.


Styles of Fonts

Fonts play an important role when you are trying to portray a message. There are two types of popular fonts: sans serif and serif. The sans serif fonts work great for any place. The large text is used and is easier to read the headlines. Ariel and Helvetica are very good examples of the sans serif fonts. You don’t have to use more than two type faces in a single design for the hanging fabric banners or custom vinyl banners.


The Serif fonts are used mainly for the finish strokes or the tails at the end of each character. Both Georgia and Times New Roman are the serif font types. The sans serif fonts don’t have small finish strokes and can be used when information is of great importance. You can also combine a sans serif and a serif font in your banner design for a stylish look and feel.



The color and the contrast are equally important. While creating a fabric hanging banner or a vinyl banner or you can use a dark background and the light text and graphics or the light background with a dark graphics and text for best contrast. You need to remember that readability is the key.


Leave a Space


While creating the hanging banner, it’s very important to leave an area of the white space around the design in order to help the viewer remain focused on the message. The white space must not always be considered ‘blank’, it’s an important design element which enhances balance and will help to create a rich appearance. The above tips will help you to create a top-notch banner.


How to Market Your Products with Banner Stands?


The banner stands are excellent tools to market your products and grab the attention of the potential customers to your business. Thus, the design and build of the stand which must be unique and stand apart from rest of the competition. Drawing the customers to your banner stands can be challenging as the competitors are located side by side. It may be difficult but not at all impossible to attain. Though there is other business located near you, it’s possible to make your stand unique in order to attract customers. Following are some of the ways to attract your customers to your banner stands.


  • In order to attract your potential customers to your banner stand, you need to be unique in the crowd. One way you can easily double up the chances of the customers noticing the banner stand is by using some of the visual displays. The visuals are the first thing which the customers notice when they pass by your banner stand. You need to put the banners at your space.


  • Design the booth in such a way which becomes the most distinctive one. You can rely on the professional model makers that can create a unique design for your banner stand. Music can work wonder. The small things often added become distinct in the crowd. You can use your own creativity in order to make the banner stand unique.


  • The advertisement does most of the job, if this is done in a proper way. You need to place the advertisements in the radio, newsletters and the local newspaper and declaring your participation in the event. You can send email to anyone in your list and mail the postcards with event details. Advertise some prizes or the other treats to the customers in order to attract your customers and clients to the banner stand.


  • A little PR activity will help. You need to circulate and check the competition. Check the other’s strategy and their drawbacks. You need to speak to the customers when they visit your banner stand. People are attracted to friendly businesses and speaking to them will help you to gain loyal clients.


  • You can also keep a promotional object on the table at the front of the banner stand in order to attract the eyes of passersby. You can place the objects, like key rings or pens with business or logo name on it. You can use these as handouts for the potential customers. The customers need to get drawn to free items and spend some time in order to look at your products. This can be another source of advertising, as the customers use the products after the event is over.


  • Attracting potential customers to your business through the exhibition stand is very hard as the competitors are located around you. This is the reason for which the banner stand designs can build quality needs to be unique. Presently, there are many businesses who hire professional makers to create unique banner stand designs for them.


The skilled model maker uses various resources in order to prepare banner stand designs and may present to the client in large format printing. He also ensures that the banner stand design is completed within the time so that the business owner gets ready within the time. When these are used appropriately, the banner stand becomes a great tool for the businessmen to communicate their products and services to the users.