How To Print A Brochure: Essential Aspects of a Good Catalog Layout

In order to increase the sales of the business to promote the product in general public, this is the most effective way through catalogs. The catalogs can hit the mind of the customers and will compel these to buy that product. So a catalog is an important ingredient in the sale promotion of the products.


Various Types of Catalog Layouts

In the catalogs, the basic step is to decide the layout of the catalog. There are five types of catalog layout that are used by the catalog designers. These are row, grid, column, magazine and the open layouts.


Column Layout

The second catalog design is about the column layout. This kind of layout will provide you with the columns reserved for each product to be displayed and some space in order to explain few of its features and specifications along with the picture of the product. This type is excellent for the products, such as the computers and the other technical devices. You will get brief information and the image of the product and this layout is now becoming very popular.


Row Layout

The third layout is the row layout. This system is very similar to the column layout but the difference is that the space reserved in it is according to the rows instead of columns. This style will give you the ability to advertise more than one product on the single catalog page as it has more space than the column layout. It will allow you to put the images with the detail information of the product and is becoming very popular along with the column layout system.


Grid layout

This is the basic kind of the catalog layout. This pattern includes process of dividing the catalogs in cells. This will allow consuming more space on the catalog. You can add more information in a very systematic way in this kind of layout. But these are not considered as efficient as for one product the layout system is the best. The most appealing thing is that this designs the cheapest and the easiest way to make a catalog.


Magazine Layout

The magazine layout is an effective and fancy layout. This design is used to advertise in the shopping malls and the crowded places as this kind of layout can catch the eyes of the customer quite easily. This layout includes the awesome color combinations and the people using the products in turn will give the catalog a fancy look. This type is used in order to get the good results in less time.


Open layout

This is the special kind of layout, which is a customizable layout. You can use the designs of the above layouts. If you have the new designs and the patterns in your mind, then you can use this kind of layout in order to bring your ideas to life.


Benefits of Digital Catalogs For Your Business

Business are ready to shift the gears from old marketing techniques to the content and the digital media for the brand promotion by using digital catalog mediums newsletters, sites, mobile and the tablet apps, e-mail and CDs. The business owners dream of establishing the products and services on top of the niche and trade.


Technology comes in the plethora of the mobile applications, media tablets and solutions capturing the hearts of the business owners and entrepreneurs, highlighting the advantages of the digital catalogs in business regardless of the size.


Consumer’s Benefits

A business by using the digital catalogs like the iPad application or any other type of mobile platform provides benefits to the consumers. The heart of every business is to provide the customer satisfaction.


By using the catalogs in business as a distribution channel in order to provide services and sell the products will gain effective customer interaction. The customers can access the products and services, anywhere and anytime in the world. No hassle, easy navigation, fast delivery and the secured system will build loyalty and the interests of your clients and customers.


Return on Investment

One of the advantages of digital catalogs is the maximum return of investment. Instead of traditional marketing communications, like yellow pages, newspapers, radios and billboards which can be expensive, a business by using an iPad application for the virtual catalog will save a significant amount of printed and the distribution cost, and it can penetrate into the larger audience.


Brand Awareness in Social Media

When these are combined with the media and content which can open the key for the brand awareness. Several industries from real estate, apparel and home improvements, beauty, fashion and more leverage on the influence of social media.


The customers can access the digital catalogs for shopping and browsing through the products and services which can share their rich and engaging experience via social media. Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook buttons will pin up to sites and virtual shopping stores which can easily build your brand in broader audience.


Real Time Tracking

Another advantage of the digital catalogs in business is real-time tracking of performance and publications. These will allow you to record and track the end-user’s buying patterns in iPad apps catalogs with the virtual shopping store. A business by using a system can improve some of the weak areas of the company.


The real time tracking system in digital catalogs analyzes the behavior and the records of the visitor. Some points which can help the company to strengthen the weak areas on geographic location of visitors, the purchased products of the customers, frequent bought products, just click on the advertisements and the sales agents tools and on stock inventories.


Thus, catalogs are detailed, descriptive, and organized list of items which are arranged under the sub-categories. There are several catalogs which are dedicated to women’s apparel. While some of these are published by independent magazines, the others have brought out by the mail order companies and the fashion houses. The fashion houses publish the catalogs on seasonal basis, like to mark the spring, summer, winter or the fall collections whereas the publishing frequency of magazines may vary from monthly to quarterly.

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