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Top Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail Marketing


Every door direct mail is a form of marketing where marketing tools like pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, and flyers are distributed to the customers directly. These types of colored copies are sent to the customers directly and they receive the materials in their hands. Thus, you can be sure that they will check out these printed copies at least once. When a customer opens your envelopes, she/he should get instantly impressed by the marketing copy that you put inside. The design of the colored copies should be interesting and attractive enough for that. While printing a flyer or a catalog, you must make sure that the contents are interesting enough for attracting the customers. There should be some eye catchy content to attract the customers and the rest of the contents should be written and made in an interesting manner. There are loads of advantages of every door direct mail marketing. If you are not sure of what those are, read on. Given below is a list of top advantages of direct marketing. Check those out:

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • One of the main advantages of every door direct mail marketing is that the marketing copies reach the targeted customers directly. Thus, there is no chance of your marketing and advertising messages getting lost in the middle. They reach the customers directly and affect the customers’ mind direct. So, even though direct marketing is a conventional marketing method, entrepreneurs still use the method to attract a large number of customers to the business. That is the reason you should not ignore the importance of every door direct mail marketing.


  • Every door direct mail marketing is relatively cheaper than that of conventional marketing methods. However, as the method is direct, you can get a lot of instant reactions from the customers. Thus, you can expect a better ROI for your company. So, with minimum investment, you can get a lot of returns. Financial benefits of direct marketing for a company are more than that with other marketing methods. That is the reason most of the companies use direct marketing for promotion of products and services.



  • Every door direct marketing campaign is short term and the results achieved are seen instantly. So if you do not have much time for a planned marketing campaign, you can do direct mail marketing, which will be equally (if not more) effective in attracting customers to your business. Once the pamphlets and brochures are distributed, you can expect a lot of customer calls coming. They will enquire about your products and services. You can turn them into valuable customers.


  • Direct mail marketing is one of the ways to retain existing customers. You can use this method to send greetings cards to the customers and pamphlets of exclusive offers directly to them on their birthdays and on special occasions. This will make the customers feel good about the company. They will think that the company treats them especially and makes it a point to wish them on their special occasions. This increases customer loyalty and helps the company to retain existing customers.



  • Direct mail marketing technique is another method to gather feedback and reviews about the company from the customers. You can send them feedback forms along with greetings cards or gift certificates. Reviews and testimonials from the customers directly can help your company to grow. That is the reason you should use this technique for marketing and promoting your business.


How to put every door direct marketing to best use?


If you are planning to do every door direct marketing, you must know how to put that to best use. You must make sure that you are getting the best out of your efforts. How can you ensure that you are getting a maximum response from this form of marketing? How can you reduce the cost of marketing with every door direct mail marketing? How can you ensure that you are choosing the best direct marketing strategies for your company? Continue reading to get answers to these questions.


  • Getting the best response: To get the best response from direct marketing, one of the most important things that you need to do is to choose your target customers properly. Make sure you are selling the right things to the right people. You must make sure that you are choosing the right direct marketing plan too. It is very important that the plan you choose for marketing your goods and services should comply well with the policies of your company. You must have an idea of what your customers want. You need to serve them accordingly. You must make sure that you are choosing a plan that should bring a maximum number of customers for your company. Moreover, the plan you adopt should be financially beneficial for your company.
  • Saving money:  You must make sure that the EDDM direct marketing plan you choose should be beneficial for your company. Printing direct marketing tools is not very costly. In addition to that, you do not have to spend a lot of money in printing brochures and pamphlets. Moreover, the more you can negotiate the cost with a direct mail copies printing service, the more you save. That is the reason you must look for offers and deals on printing direct mail copies. Getting the copies printed at discounted rates is beneficial as it will help you save a lot of money. Printing color copies in bulk is also beneficial as you can avail wholesale rates in printing color copies. This will help you save a considerable amount of money in your marketing ventures. There are loads of benefits of choosing printed marketing copies for promoting your business.


Direct marketing can help push other forms of marketing


Direct marketing is a marketing technique that can push and complement other forms of marketing techniques you are undertaking. Interests triggered by direct marketing among the customers can be answered with the help of other marketing techniques. For example, if an interested customer calls for detailed enquiries, you can use other marketing and promotional techniques to lead that person to buy your products or avail your services. That is the reason marketing with brochures, pamphlets, and brochures are particularly helpful for companies in every way.